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Every brand that’s paying attention to the planet has “Circularity” at the top of their priority list right now. It’s not just the Patagonias of the world (though outdoor brands continue to lead the way). Even fashion giants like Zara and luxury leaders like Canada Goose have—at the very least— launched a resale platform in recent months.

Circularity is an incremental journey and not one brands can walk alone. Attempting to build all the systems within your brand would be a huge barrier in reaching your circularity goals. Thankfully there are hundreds of partners—tech platforms and service providers—that have emerged to help you get there.

About a year ago I started to consider: “What would the ideal circularity tech stack look like?”

If you’re not familiar, the term “tech stack” is a web dev term that refers to a set of technologies applied together to develop an application. Marketers and salespeople use it to describe the set of SaaS tools they use to enable their work (think: Hubspot + SEMRush + Klaviyo + Proposify + Notion etc).

As I began asking industry friends what tools they use, the list grew and the result is a living list of circularity partners, tools and technologies—a shared resource to help advance our shared goal of reducing (and in some cases eliminating) the impact that clothing has on the planet.

In consultation with some of the wisest folks in the industry, like Peter Whitcomb of Tersus and Tara St James of Eleven Radius, I’ve categorized the list to reflect the avenues we can explore in our circular initiatives:

  • Care + Repair
  • Consultants / Education
  • Conferences + Events
  • Circular Design
  • Data
  • Marketing / Positioning
  • Materials
  • Resale
  • Returns / upcycling / downcycling


Circularity is an ecosystem. This is a great starting place as you build yours.

Know a great platform or partner we missed? Send it to us with a link and a brief description. On the list and would like to amend your description? Send that our way too.

And if you’re making big strides in circularity but don’t know how to tell that story in a way that will connect with your audience, Monday can help.