Call it Spring

The ask was to focus on “the good kind of footprint.” We wanted the “sustainable and vegan” message to shine through without being too on the nose. With the Call It Spring team, we imagined a surreal day trip, foraging for shoes—and then we brought it to life from start to finish.

Big movement, forced angles and just the right amount of saturation create a dreamlike tone to the imagery. Celebrated young photographer Georgia Love brought the right blend of sugar and edginess.

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Rich textural and audio landscapes brought a soothing ASMR element that complements the trippy nature of the forced angles and makes you feel like you’re truly going along on a playful journey.

Global and Omnichannel

Because Call It Spring has shops across North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East, this campaign was truly global. We had to consider talent and styling that would be as relevant and appropriate in Calgary as they were in Cairo.

The finished product showed up in retail locations on multiple continents and in global digital ad campaigns. Not only did the entire campaign garner big engagement throughout the season, the women’s sneaker-focused edit was a top-performing ad for the month of August. Visit Call It Spring on Instagram to see some of the content in the wild.


Photographer:  Georgia Love
Director of Photography:  Justin Pelletier
Digitech:  Sean Best
Lighting:  Primary Imaging
Styling:  Mila Franovic / Legends Cafe
HMU:  Maxine Munson
Production:  Eliza Nowak
Talent: Emma Leger, Dang Tran, Kalani, Susana Cardenas, Onosholema Ikhwolegbe, Demi