Future Relics

Bringing Personal Expression to Group Fitness

Our work began with a complex ask: bring a spirit of independence to the world of group fitness. The client explained that exercise is a herd activity in Manila—individuals won’t attend a fitness class unless their crew comes too. One goal of Future Relics is to celebrate personal choice and self expression—the notion that you can do what you want, regardless of what your friends are doing. 

Fitness, Meet Fashion

To that end, we developed an otherworldly concept for Future Relics’ first North American shoot—giving a sense of stepping out of time and space into a stark desert landscape. Then we subverted expectations of an athletic apparel campaign by pairing pieces with cowboy boots, iridescent accessories and the strappy sandals spin enthusiasts love to wear between classes.

Future-friendly Voice and Of-the-moment Social 

Beyond photos, we gave the brand a voice—developing a playful personality that mirrors a sassy, warm spin studio coach. After creating a set of tools, including flexible email templates and a brand-driving editorial calendar, we gave Future Relics a 3-month kickstart across their social and email channels before handing the reins back to their Manila-based team to run.