Showing Movement in Two Dimensions

We blend our eye for fashion and function, and showcase strength and movement in each campaign. While the product always remains front and centre, every campaign takes a fresh approach—from an elegant controlled studio setting to putting product through its paces in the unpredictable outdoors.


Corporate Giant Meets Scrappy Agency: a Perfect Match

As multiple internal stakeholders have a voice in the process—including lululemon’s product, ecommerce, brand, and digital engagement teams, to name a few—we also serve as a mediator, helping to balance the sometimes conflicting priorities. 

(Literally) Hundreds of Touchpoints

The final assets extend to every one of lululemon’s brand touchpoints—email, web, social and paid. Each is an opportunity to deepen the brand story and give one more access point for conversion—in some cases we will execute more than 200 assets in less than a month. And these assets perform.