Bringing FIFA close to home for EA

EA SPORTS is a titan in the gaming world, and the FIFA franchise (now EA SPORTS FC) was their flagship for years. Leading up to  FIFA23, EA wanted to do something special. In previous releases, the VOLTA game mode has allowed players to compete in famous stadiums and street soccer pitches around the world. It was time to finally bring VOLTA home to the land where the famous sports franchise was founded—Vancouver, BC. 

The EA SPORTS team asked us to help develop a partnership with local First Nations in order to feature their rich culture in-game, but also to find meaningful ways to invest back into indigenous sport for the long term.

Listening to the voices that matter most

Through a serendipitous introduction, we connected with leaders of the Musqueam Indian Band—the only First Nations band whose reserve sits within the City of Vancouver, and the oldest known residents of the area. Musqueam has a long history of soccer and a stunning pitch—overlooking the spot where the Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean. It is host to inter-band tournaments and has seen soccer stars rise to prominence in the last 40 years. Beyond its breathtaking setting, it has unique elements like carved house poles that welcome guests to the clubhouse, and the Musqueam insignia in the middle of the field. It was perfect.

Generations of Musqueam art

EA wanted to further celebrate indigenous culture and artistry within the digital representation of Musqueam’s pitch. Musqueam is known for its weaving and carving—and for celebrated artists like Debra Sparrow and  Susan Point whose work can be seen at major public sites, airports and in museums across North America. Upon doing a call for artists, the talent was so vast and relevant, we selected a total of 10 different artists’ work. In consultation with the artists, the EA SPORTS team integrated the work into the game and on real-world materials like uniforms and canopy tents.

Immerse yourself in Musqueam

The incredible digital artists at EA SPORTS created a rendering of the Musqueam pitch that makes VOLTA players feel like they’re right there on the edge of the Pacific. Musqueam weavings hang along the sidelines, on banners that tower over the corners, and atop canopy tents, while house poles and canoes showcase timeless carving. FIFA 23 players not only get to play at the Musqueam Pitch—they can also integrate FUT stadium elements that feature Musqueam motifs and patterns on uniforms and stadium banners. The VOLTA uniform collection, designed by Cole Sparrow-Crawford under his brand Holy Name—as well as jerseys created by Chase Gray, Kelly Cannell and Kamryn Sparrow—were so popular, players started to ask if they could purchase them IRL.

A celebration of community and sport

The project culminated in a community day—bringing together the EA SPORTS team, the Monday team, and Musqueam players and leaders. Together we unveiled the new uniforms—replicas of the designs featured in-game—while honouring the artists who contributed their work. Then we played a community match, which brought the real spirit of the project to life in a way we’ll never forget.

“Monday Creative was incredibly adept at helping navigate and facilitate such an important and locally relevant collaboration. Nimble, communicative, and thorough – they were fundamental to helping us make connections within the community and deliver such a meaningful end-result.”


Nicholas Lammie, Global Campaign Director – FIFA Brand at Electronic Arts (EA)

Musqueam Artist Credits:


Aleen Sparrow

Brent Sparrow

Chase Gray

Cole Sparrow-Crawford under his brand Holy Name

Deanna Point

Debra Sparrow

Kamryn Sparrow

Kelly Cannell 

Krista Point

Robyn Sparrow