Homes Alive Pets

Rewriting the pet store narrative

Close your eyes and think of a pet store. What sights—or smells—come to mind? If all you can envision are cluttered aisles stacked with bags of dog food and unpleasant odours, you’ve obviously never had the pleasure of setting foot in Homes Alive Pets.

For more than 30 years, Homes Alive Pets has been rewriting the narrative of pet stores. Not only with beautifully designed locations, uncommonly organized shelves and friendly staff, but with a belief in a higher standard for pet care.

Their personalized approach earned them a loyal fan base in their home province of Alberta. But with plans to expand into BC, they needed modern, unified messaging that could stay consistent no matter how big they grew.

Tapping into the Millennial mindset

To reach a new audience, the HAP team embarked on its first-ever acquisition campaign, and they wanted something that felt more lululemon than Purina. We grounded the campaign narrative in the nurturing bond between pet and parent, zeroing in on how Homes Alive simplifies every adventure—whether that’s strolling to your go-to coffee spot, trying out a new trail, or playing endless rounds of fetch at the park. Then we brought the vision to life across a range of outdoor settings that are relatable to a pet owner whether they’re living in Lethbridge or Langley.

Each image showcases a meaningful moment between pet and parent—without feeling cheesy or fluffy. 

With our fresh bank of assets, we set up the Homes Alive team with a ready-to-launch campaign: social and display ads, email templates, campaign straplines and UGC guidelines. 


Photographer: Chase White

Videographer: Nic Collar

HMU: Maxine Munson

Talent: Nicole Purdy, Natasshia Neary, Garrett Neary, Jerome Patrone, Mackenzie Patterson