Unlocking big brand potential

We’re longtime Debrand fans. Since 2008, they’ve been tackling supply chain challenges to prevent waste problems before they happen—forging relationships with global apparel brands like lululemon and Everlane. After creating a campaign strategy for their booth at the Textile Exchange conference, we teamed up on a top-to-bottom rebrand that clearly defines Debrand as textile circularity experts.

Finding the worth in waste

Debrand uses next-life logistics to help one of the most planet-damaging industries course-correct. We shaped key messages that speak to the consumer instead of at them with clear solutions to the challenges apparel and footwear companies are facing. Debrand’s time-trusted partnerships are key to unlocking the value in untapped goods, so we rooted positioning in this relationship-centric approach to sustainability.


Getting down-to-earth

These logistics experts know their stuff—but needed a way to transform textile industry jargon into something more digestible. Enter the Engaged Guide—our name for the brand voice that leads with warmth and honesty while reinforcing credibility. 

A design system that does the heavy lifting

Debrand’s next-life logistics create systems to help goods live on and on. Their new visual identity reflects this metamorphosis—starting with a wordmark that embodies movement, process, and transformation, supported by an icon that signifies rebirth. Photography styling takes inspiration from the literal fabric of Debrand’s world. Wrapping everything up in clear, prescriptive brand guidelines keeps things seamless for the entire team and external partners.

Tools to keep the story living on and on (and on)

Want to dive into Debrand’s circularity solutions? Check out their newly-launched website. Clear branded language and an intuitive user journey offer visitors valuable context on what previously felt like a complicated process—so anyone can understand what Debrand does and why they do it. 

Closing the loop

When you have a complex process or product, the best thing you can do is spell it out with visuals. This custom, animated video invites consumers into the Debrand world—and pairs illustration and iconography with a thought-provoking narrative to help brands envision what their damaged, returned and unsellable goods could be next.


Website Development: Michael LaRoy

Brand Animation: Ira Hardy