Diving deep into customer insights 

Allbirds’ famously devoted audience has big opinions about the brand. We knew hearing the voices that embody their “Changemaker” persona was an essential starting point. We sat down with a handful of real-life consumers to get their thoughts on the Allbirds brand, what a regular day looks like for them and, of course, their favourite pieces in their closet. These consumer insights helped us enhance Allbirds’ existing persona work by adding a viewpoint that was hyper-focused on outfitting and style.

Where brand positioning and audience research meet

Our customer research uncovered a key grounding insight: what this audience craves is everyday comfort, elevated. This, along with Allbirds’ existing brand positioning statement—“Super Natural” —formed the basis for how we defined the Changemaker’s style.

Enter: Super Natural Style.

Crafting a seasonal head-to-toe styling system

Armed with our persona and positioning work, we articulated what “Super Natural Style” meant for Allbirds, and built a head-to-toe styling system that spans seasons and capturs the key moments in the Changemaker’s day. We then tested our hypothesis with a two-day studio shoot, capturing  20 seasonal looks for both men and women.

The Master Style Guide, rooted in consumer intelligence

The final product: a Master Style guide deeply rooted in qualitative research that can be used by the Allbirds’ internal team and external partners to produce creative that accurately reflects and appeals to the Changemaker. Not only does this serve as a bible to ensure styling is true to the brand, this tool really streamlines planning and production of vision-aligned creative content by removing guesswork or the need to reinvent each season—an all around win for for any brand.


Photographer: Rachel Pick

Camera Assistant: Sean Best

Talent: Taylor Hui (Family Management) and Hassan Gonza (Liz Bell Agency)

Styling: Mila Franovic & Phillipa Nesbitt

Hair and Make-up: Maxine Munson & Maria Renée Walton (Nobasura Artist Management)