If we haven’t met yet, let’s get acquainted. Simply put, Monday is a creative agency born for nature. Based in the beautiful fresh air mecca of Vancouver, BC, we will always opt for a mountain meet-up or beachside brainstorm over anything with four walls and a desk. 

The outdoors is our jam. It’s what gets us up in the morning and inspires our every move. And now with a season filled with trail hikes and seaside bikes upon us, we felt it would simply be a disservice to keep this epic list of innovative active gear and gadgets to our internal “Sweet sweet summa time” group chat. 

So without further ado, here’s our list of the outdoor products that get two thumbs up from us, and from the one who truly knows best—Mother Nature.

Amanda Lee Smith: Co-founder & CEO, Monday Run Club prez and resident green-thumb

Shirt_01 by Hikerkind  

“I love the idea that I can take my obsession with collared shirts into the backcountry and that I could look this slick and polished in a breathable, sweat-wicking, easy-to-wash fabric. Who wrote the rule that I need to wear a tight shirt with thumbholes in the woods? I want to sweat it out on a mountain and not be embarrassed to go to brunch right after.”

The Classic Bell Tent by the Get Out 

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to roughing it. But sometimes a longer campout calls for something a little extra—like room for a queen-sized mattress. As I think long-term about how I want to use my property on the Sunshine Coast, this setup could be just the thing to maximize guest space.”

The Weekend Boot by Thesus

“I just got my hands on a pair of boots from this Canadian brand. They’re vegan, waterproof, 95% sustainable (that’s a lot more than most, FYI, and they’ve given themselves a deadline of December 31, 2022, to be 100% sustainable!) and let’s be honest—they look rad.”

Lindsay White: Co-founder & CSO, fly fishing fanatic and beach chilling devotee

Skyline UL Chair by Big Agnes 

“It wouldn’t be summer without these puppies. They’re incredibly light and pack up super small, so you can attach ’em to a backpack with a carabiner with no problem. The low profile is ideal for sinking into the river, stretching out your legs and cooling down. They take up maybe 4% of your trunk real estate, so we always bring them along just in case we want to peel off and go chill by the water (or tailgate in the ferry lineup).” 

GOCap by Ciele

Packable, breathable, need I say more? This is the hat that started it all for the Canadian brand, and it’s still my go-to. Now that I’m carrying a cute 25 lb weight while hiking (my son Waylon), the airflow from the mesh construction has never been more welcome.”

Kokomo Tapestry by Minca

“Designed by New Zealand native and BC transplant Brooke Wells, this linen and cotton beach blanket comes everywhere with us from April to October. The stunning hand-illustrated print means your pals can spot you from a mile away, and the fabric is soft enough for naps but durable enough for BC’s rocky beaches. The handiest part is that it’s machine washable, just in case you get a little carried away with the snacks.”

Matthew Johnson: Creative Director, rain or shine cyclist and all-around athletic aficionado

Vancouver Whitecaps LGBTQ+ Jersey by Adidas

“Every season the MLS teams come together to celebrate Pride. This year’s jersey is an absolute beaut with its ’90s inspired geometric pattern design. You’ll probably see me wearing mine on my bike commuting to Monday HQ.”

G4 Shoulder Carrier by MiniMeis

“Founded by a group of Scandinavian dads, MiniMeis was created to make a child’s first adventures in the wild fun and easy—and same for their parents. My wife bought me the MiniMeis HG Shoulder Carrier as a present and I’m in love with how comfortable and effortless it is to use. My little one Maeva is also a huge fan!”

Cloudvista by On Running

“Trail running in 30C+ heat isn’t always the easiest. But the right shoe can definitely help. You need something lightweight, breathable, and super grippy for those long and winding climbs, but also bountiful cushioning for gnarly gravel descents. The Cloudvista by On Running does all of this, plus it’s still an excellent road shoe for those days that I can’t make it to the trailhead.”

Jeanine Pesce: Director of Strategy, founder of RANGE and shaper of global active and outdoor trends

On-the-Go Meals by Off The Path Provisions

“Founded by a marine biologist, Off The Path Provisions makes dehydrated Asian-inspired vegan meals in compostable packaging. The containers are made from corn and specifically designed for backyard composting within 410 days! Not to mention the meals are seriously delicious. They’re an easy option for backpacking trips because all ya need to do is add hot water and boom: Korean Bibimbap is on the (picnic) table.” 

Sweatsuit by Literally Outside

“Black-owned and operated by a pair of cousins, Literally Outside is a genderless lifestyle brand on a mission to empower everyone to feel comfortable exploring the great outdoors. Their debut collection of matching cotton crewnecks and shorts had me at “certified organic”. Not to mention a percentage of their proceeds goes to Black Outside, an organization reconnecting Black youth to the outdoors.”

Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent by Kinfield

“As someone who is a magnet for mosquitos 365 days a year, I’m constantly searching for a bug spray that doesn’t make my skin feel funky. Kinfield’s plant-based Golden Hour mosquito repellent is a clean bug spray that works, naturally. DEET-free and sweet-smelling, it’s formulated from a unique strain of Indonesian citronella combined with ingredients fresh from the garden like lemongrass, vanilla and clove bud. No matter where I’m heading, it comes with me.”

And there you have it: some of our outdoor product musts for embracing all that nature has to offer this season. Time to shut down that laptop (it could probably use a cooldown from the summer heat), pause those Slack notifications (they’ll always be there when you get back) and make a break for the door.

If you’re feeling uber inspired and keen to add more gadgets and gear to your own summer product hit list, give us a shout. Trust us, we know countless ways—and reasons—to immerse yourself in the wild wonders of the great outdoors.