lululemon is a much-loved global brand with its homebase in Vancouver. They have a high-paced product release schedule designed to keep up with the demand from their zealous fans. As a result, where most brands might just create quarterly or seasonal campaigns, lululemon has a weekly campaign schedule.


May 2019 – present

- Campaign Direction
- Video Production
- Art Direction
- Design
- Copy


Every single week the brand spotlights one of their new or core products. The assets from each campaign create an omnichannel experience, living across every digital platform—the lululemon homepage, product pages, emails, social channels, and in-store video. We began partnering with lululemon’s brand team early in 2019.


Their creative team briefs us in using a seasonal mood or technical feature as a starting point—then we’re off to the races. We develop, direct, and produce a selection of these campaigns each month and help the lululemon community fall in love with the newest innovation. Doing so involves production, art direction, and creating a robust suite of assets. While the product always remains front and centre, each campaign takes a fresh approach, from an elegant controlled studio setting to putting product through its paces in the unpredictable outdoors.


As multiple internal stakeholders have a voice in the process—including lululemon’s product, e-commerce, brand, and digital engagement teams, to name a few—we also serve as a mediator, helping to balance the sometimes conflicting priorities. The result? A series of inventive campaigns that keep their avid fan base on their toes, always wondering what’s dropping next week.


Wunder Under Holiday Campaign

Every winter, lululemon prepares for the flurry of holiday shopping by breathing new life into its most-loved wardrobe staple—the wunder under tights. We provided creative direction for the campaign to promote the 2017/2018 holiday collection of special edition wunder unders, which sales numbers for the seasonal wunder under push double compared to the previous year. A single instagram post for the campaign nabbed lululemon a whopping 76,700 likes and over 2,000 comments—more than double the average number of likes and 10x the average number of comments found on their average post.


SenseKnit Campaign

When lululemon approached us to come up with a campaign for their new SenseKnit™ technology, we wanted a visual identity that communicated this groundbreaking technical innovation. And then it came to us—create the first weekly campaign set within Whitespace, lululemon’s high-tech performance Vancouver testing facility. Our moody, darkly-lit Nestled deep within the chambers of Whitespace evoked a futuristic feeling of newness. We also brought motion graphics, another first for a lululemon campaign, into our visuals to demonstrate how the seam-free fabric lends targeted compression to key muscle groups and relaxes for breathability around others.


The results? Fifteen hours after launch, Instagram posts for the campaign had snagged more than 130,000 views and had compelled more than 300 lululemon fans to leave comments engaging with the campaign.


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