Erin Snow is a high-end skiwear and athleisure brand with a passionate following on slopes across North America. Founder and designer Erin Isakov has found creative ways to incorporate merino wool into her line, which caught the attention of the Woolmark Company—the global authority on wool. Woolmark partnered with Erin Snow to fund a campaign for Erin’s Fall/Winter 2018 merino line. They approached Monday to develop and execute the campaign from start to finish, over a six-month period.


March 2018 – present

- Brand Voice
- Social Strategy
- Positioning + Tagline
- Campaign Development
- Seasonal Social Content


We began with a foundation: articulate the Erin Snow story and brand promise, rooted in empowering women to embrace the outdoors in style. We created compelling customer personas to help us understand their journey and the pain points we’d help address along the way. With that archetype in mind, we then codified the brand’s voice—playful but sophisticated—into a Voice Guide that any future writers could use to consistently bring the Erin Snow brand to life.

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Next, we developed a full digital marketing strategy, starting with the brand’s key messages and social channel optimization, before extending into email marketing, retargeting and social advertising.


With a strategy in place, we designed a lookbook that landed Erin Snow in Net-a-Porter’s seasonal lineup. Then we executed a four-month campaign across every touchpoint with a particular focus on organic and paid social. In the first month saw more online sales than the brand typically realizes in an entire year.


A new onboarding drip email campaign boosted email open rates past 40%–an impressive 4x the industry average. Over the month of December, a series of key email campaigns—including gift guides and shipping cutoffs—saw their add-to-cart rate jump by 455.56%. Of those email subscribers who added to cart, 84.15% completed their purchase.

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But our goal wasn’t just short term conversion—Erin Snow is a luxury product, so a big part of our strategy was focused on cultivating desire that may only show returns a few years down the line. To that end, we grew Erin’s social following by 137% through elevated but lighthearted messaging, paired with original video cuts across all channels. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Erin Snow brand continues to evolve over time.


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